How to Improve Your Music – 11 Noteworthy Tips [#djtonyhcom]

A good artist will always want to try and improve their skills of creating good music.
As a producer, I understand the desire and need to make music better. Of course, it’s not an 
easy process. Therefore, I have put this post together to show you the ways that helped 
me made my music better. Everybody knows that improvement comes from practice, 
so the key here is to always keep trying to be better. 
Below is a list of 11 tips that’s worth jotting down:

1. Spend More Time Listening To Music
2. Hone Your Skills
3. Know Your Tools
4. Make Your Music With Passion
5. Collaborate
6. Embrace Feedback
7. Make Sure To Layer Your Drums
8. Save Your New Sounds
9. Invest In Studio Monitors
10. Organize Your Files, Especially Your Drum Sounds
11. Share These Tips!

This is not really a tip, but it will make you a good Samaritan! 
If any of this advice has helped you or at least motivated you to do 
something better with your music, then give it a share.

There are bound to be artists and musicians out there who might need a little boost. 
Feel free to share your own tips that have worked for you as well. You know what they say, 
“What goes around, comes around”.

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