[Music Video] Temi "Love It" [@Temi_Music #djtonyhcom]

Born in Nigeria, raised in Toronto, Ontario this international superstar has now brought his talents to Atlanta, Georgia. The newest R&B/Pop sensation to hit the industry goes by the name, Témi (Pronounced Tay-Me.) With his smooth appeal and powerful vocals he is charming the world with a combination of passion and love. He brings the Pop/R&B sound with a new age feel. Témi hit the scene in 2014 solo with his EP, "Intro II A New Beginning," and hit singles, "Brick By Brick," "Fire" and "Alright." 
New single, "Love It," off his 2nd EP, to be released December 2015 called, "Stellar Evolution." takes his solo journey to a bright future and will keep him on your radar.


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