[Music Video] Cool Amerika "Make Sum Shake" [@1CoolAmerika #djtonyhcom]

Alliance Music Group presents Cool Amerika - Make Sum Shake Prod: Cassius, Dir: Gabriel hart. Co-starring Dc Young Fly, Cocokiss, The LVRDS, ICandy Twerkers, Dj Tokars, Zoot Tk n Cash and many More.

Make Sum Shake: / māk səm SHāk / (Verb)
Definition: To make something out of nothing.

Bally & Stunt are Cool Amerika. Bally is down on his luck and needs to "Make Sum Shake". All roads lead up hill as the group must find a way to handle their business in spite of obstacles they face through out the day. Join us at we follow the guys and hope they can "Make Sum Shake"


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