How to Build a Loyal Fanbase for Your Music [#djtonyhcom]

Many unsigned musicians in the world are creating great music, but have no idea of how to reach a wider audience. This article is here to help you do that successfully and let your potential listeners listen to your music.

Make sure your product is worth promoting. This is a fairly obvious one. Make sure your 'product' (in this instance, your song/EP/album etc.) is up to scratch. It should sound professional and unique.

Prepare your online presence. This doesn't always resonate with many unsigned artists, but it is so vital. First of all, a site. This should be the hub from where everything to do with you and your music can be accessed by the public. This includes photos, videos, links to social network platforms, updates, upcoming performances, reviews, biography, press releases, contact information (for agent and promoter) etc. Next is social networking, over the past decade or so, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and sites like that.

DO NOT SPAM. Spam is glaringly noticeable in your email and news feeds and is immediately deleted or hidden. For this, adopt the mindset of a fan, if you saw that an unsigned musician, who is yet to prove themselves in the industry, send you an email with a miasma of different links, exclamation marks everywhere and an off-putting desperation would surely make you think "how unprofessional", "they clearly don't know what they're doing" etc. This is why spam never works. There's only one thing that is worse. When you do it more than once. That way you can guarantee being forever placed in the spam folder, which means, one less fan.

Write blogs. This is a step which needs patience, but the results can be incredible. If you start a blog referencing your own personal experiences in the industry, or giving tips to other unsigned artists etc. People will begin to take interest in you and your music, it's subtle, yet effective. The polar opposite of spam. If you grab people's attention through as many means as possible, but maintain a professional, indirect delivery, the interest will be a gradual journey to finding out about your music, becoming a fan and paying for your gigs and records.

Opposite day. Turn into the fan. Show an interest in your potential fans, get to know them, what they like and what they listen to, as this can tell you a lot about whether they are a prospective fan. Once a connection has been established, introduce them to your music, tell them about your experiences, share your story. Fans do not want to have music thrown at them, they want to know about the artist and create a complete idea of who they are listening to, this makes your music more relatable and your entire brand just gels together smoothly. It's how a new music experience should be.

Get someone else to do it for you. This is for the artists who want to solely focus on their music and leave the business side of it to, well, the business people. This will cost you, but the results are worth it. The companies that do these things are experts and you will have guaranteed results in a much shorter time period than if you did it alone. Companies like offer multiple advertisement and promotion options as well, which can give the artist more control over both the business and creative aspects of their career, without having to spend hours and hours promoting themselves.

Enjoy it! Enjoy the journey, the struggle, enjoy getting to know your fans and put your heart and soul into your music and your fans. They are the ones that can make you or break you, appreciate them and be friends with them.