Bobby V "Peach Moon" EP [@BobbyV]

"Peach Moon"
R&B superstar Bobby V's newest musical endeavor is best described with three words: Vibes, Moods, and Moments. Peach Moon combines the vibes of a Motown inspired jam session, the unpredictable moods of love and the defining moments that shape our everyday lives. Backed by a full band and showcasing his love for playing the piano, Peach Moon sets the stage for Bobby's most honest and most inspired project to date."I'm not chasing trends with this EP or trying to emulate what's on the radio. This project is all about a feeling, a vibe."
Watch Bobby V's web-series "Journey to Peach Moon" (To view click on the links below)

Webisode 1:

Webisode 2: ”Beginning”

Webisode 3: “Change”

Webisode 4: “Vibe”

Webisode 5: “Recording”

Webisode 6: “Style”

Webisode 7: "Artistry"

Webisode 8: "Jam Session"

Bobby V "Back To Love" Music Video.