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Welcome to theLSHERIEalert!  This project was created by LSherie to inspire, uplift and create a positive haven for people to connect, network and be praised for their talents.  Features, including events and other great happenings are uploaded to www.theLSHERIEalert.com constantly to keep you abreast on people making awesome splashes in their communities.

theLSHERIEalert membership offers a great deal of support including:
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theLSHERIEalert advertisement offers great opportunities:
>social medial promotion (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
>theLSHERIE e-promotion (email blasts)
>event posting
We hope that you will join theLSHERIEalert to not only be a part of our brand of positive support, but to increase your visibility across the world.  Attached is the membership and advertising application.  If you have any questions regarding this email and/or the attachments, please contact theLSHERIEalert@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to working with you!

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